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Exploring Airman's Cave

On Tynan

We sat in the tiny passageway, exhausted. Our muscles were fatigued from overuse. We were over a mile deep into the cave, hours away from the surface, hours away from food, and hours away from water. Had our curiousity finally gotten the best of us? For the first time ever, I was worried for my life. I couldn't imagine dying, but making it out of the cave seemed even less likely.

It started months ago. After exploring the small caves at Enchanted Rock, we were eager to tackle something a bit more challenging. A search on the internet led us quickly to Airman's Cave - perhaps the most well known cave in Austin. What we didn't know at the time was that it was also an advanced level cave. Few members of the caving community in Austin would attempt the cave. With an average ceiling of 18", Airman's cave was a full 2.5 miles long. But we didn't really know that either. In fact, we knew nothing of caves or caving.

To access the cave, we had to take a hike down a dry creekbed and search for it. After wandering around for a while we spotted a large opening on the hill. That was it.

Napa Valley in 24 Hours

On Imported Blog

Sometimes we find ourselves battling against the clock on our travels. Either we pack too much in or don't even have the time to spare in the first place to get everything checked off of our proverbial travel "to-do" list. With some careful planning, you can capitalize on some of the world's best cities in less than a day without feeling rushed or as if you missed too much.

24 Hours in Napa Valley

This weekend I found myself with 24 hours to spare in the Bay Area of California and decided to head up to the Napa Valley to enjoy the best time of year for wine enthusiasts, grape harvest season or better known as Crush. Crush begins in September and extends through October and is the busiest time of year in the valley. Rightfully so, the weather is almost perfect with the marine layer from San Francisco burning off around 10:30 am to reveal a beautiful blue sky and 75 degree weather. Not to mention a bustling wine making industry with all hands on deck preparing to bring in some of the best grapes the region has to offer.

5:00 P.M. Arrival


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