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Epic Rides in California

On LifeWeTravel

Here are a few epic moto & mtn bike rides I've taken recently.

The thing I love about my BMW G650 Xchallenge bike is its incredible versatility. I was literally at Pismo Beach last weekend doing this on the bike:

Yeah, same bike! The only modification I made was putting MacGyver-style hose pieces on the back tire for additional traction in the sand:


On maggie's musings

I am feeling a little out of kilter lately. The habits that I started trying to change at the beginning of the year have fallen off. The good news is that I haven't let everything go like I did in the fall (just the new stuff and I am confident I will be able to re-commit to them soon enough). But I am running and enjoying the kids and planting a garden. I am finding time for peace and joy and things that nourish my soul.

I think the key difference between the fall and now is that my mind was in a dark place back then. I began feeling as if I couldn't get back on track. I felt unmotivated. Although I have had a few dark moments, I would say that right now I am still in that positive spin. It is like riding a bike. When you stop moving, it is really easy to lose your balance. And when my life gets busy and I put off those nourishing activities--I fall off the bike. But somehow this time, I have managed to keep riding.

Anyhow, I want to list some stuff I am grateful for.

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