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UPDATE: I've upgraded from my original design (post below).

I'm now using a NordicTrack Commercial 400 recumbent bike ($499 shipped from Costco.com, also available in most stores for $399). This bike works better for me than my original bike, because the resistance levels go higher. The original bike had a dial-resistance which was not sufficient for me, although overall it was a fine bike, especially considering the low price.

Because the NordicTrack bike couldn't accommodate the original laptop stand, I had to fabricate my own laptop stand, which I made out of aluminum. You can watch a YouTube video of the bike + stand below.

If you're interesting in a stand like this, I might consider fabricating them on a production-level scale, and probably sell them for something like $99 each. I'm already doing way too may things, so to make this worthwhile I'd probably have to get at least 200 orders. If you're interested, please email me with the type of recumbent bike you have, so I can determine the feasibility of creating a stand for your brand of bike.

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On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

I'm a bit over dramatic at times. The rain stopped about an hour after my last post, and Paco called me shortly after that. Turns out his parents are actually super nice, and they let me stay the night, wash my clothes, and use their shower. I'm a lucky MF.

For those of you who don't know Paco: he's my MSMS grand-junior and I his grand-senior, meaning I graduated from MSMS the year before he came along. Last night we had some grand-senior-junior bonding time, chillin' on the beach and making friendship bracelets (don't laugh!). We talked about all the shenanigans that go on at math and science school, and man my grand-juniors are a bunch of trouble-getting-inners! Haha.

Right now, I'm in Long Beach using Mickey D's wi-fi, and across the street I can see a perfect gazebo-type-thing to set up my hammock and chill on the beach. I can already feel it; today is gonna be a good day. It's also the last day of my bike trip. Tomorrow I'm stuffing my bike in Kori's car and heading back to Starkville to start my job at the fitness center at Mississippi State University.

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